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What is Transformidy?

Made up of the verb transform (to change process or condition) and the suffix idy (to design or define), Transformidy is a consulting and media agency that specializing in customer experience transformation through a design thinking framework that focuses on these attributes:

Authenticity, Trust, Quality, Engagement & Simplicity

Our Services

Transformidy builds the customer experience through a collection of capsules: 1. Journey Builder, 2. Technology Tracker and 3. Customer 360. Each of them adds a layer to the big picture. 

Journey Builder

We utilize a combination of techniques including on site walkthroughs, online assessment, employee discussion, data research and questionnaires, etc. to build a detail map that answers the question: What does a customer goes through in obtaining a product or service?

Technology Tracker

We assess the technologies used to build the customer experience and make recommendations taking items such as privacy, automation, data, convenience, and employees into consideration. A sale could just be a short click, tap, or slide away. 

Customer 360

We work with your team to define a 36o° connection with customers based on trust, authenticity and value. More than ever, loyalty is earned through the right product mix, services and connection points.  Don’t leave any storytelling and engagement opportunities behind. 

Read, Learn and More

On a regular basis, we will publish insights and showcase companies that exemplify excellence in building customer experience connections. Knowledge builds transformation. 


Under the series named Numbers Speak!, we will make sense of numbers used by the media to discuss timely topics. What are your favorite numbers?


We are available to provide media quotes, interviews and speak on different customer experience topics at events and conferences. 

Latest Insight

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