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Hello! Welcome to our first insight. We are excited to use this space to introduce Transformidy to the world. We will paint a picture of who we are, our values, and what we can do to assist your company in creating and transforming better customer experiences today.  

Everything About Transformidy

What is Transformidy?

Transformidy is a combination of the verb “Transform” and the suffix “idy”. It means to define or design a process or condition in customer experience. Specifically, it is the design of processes that allow companies to engage, acquire, and maintain customers (could be consumers or other businesses).   

Customer experience is part of corporate strategy building and is responsible for revenue generation, overall satisfaction, and community participation. After all, a company can build the best widget but would not be successful if the selling process is overly complicated. 

When was Transformidy created?

Transformidy was found in 2020 as the world is starting to cope with the beginning of its first pandemic in over 100 years.  Societies are living under new sets of conditions that strives for a significant rethinking and reset. One area that requires more attention and improvement is customer experience.

Gartner writes that, 81% of the companies compete on customer experience by 2020 but many of them do not have the marketing budget to engage consumers.

Percentage Of Compete on Customer Experience By 2020


First impression matters. Kinesis Inc. writes that 94% of consumers have their first impression of a brand through its website design over their products or services.

Percentage Of Consumers Forming Their Brand First Impression Through Its Website Design​


It is now the perfect time for companies to improve, innovate and transform their customer experience and build a deeper connection during disruptive times. Transformidy is there to assist.

Why is Transformidy important in the marketplace today?
In a 2018 PwC Study, 73% of the responders point to customer experience as an important factor in purchasing decisions and yet only 49% of US consumers say their received a good expeience. 

Percentage Of Respondents Point To Customer Experience As An Important Factor In Purchasing Decisions


Percentage of US Consumers Say That they Received Good Customer Experience


Transformidy’s core values are authenticity, trust, quality, engagement and simplicity. We employ these values in how we connect and assist companies in their transformation.

The marketplace is evolving at a rapid pace. Companies using the same methods to reach customers may not be experiencing the same results today. Transformidy simplifies processes with outside the box thinking to build loyalty and engagement.  “How can we help?” takes on a bigger meaning today.

Which areas can Transformidy assist?

Engaging, acquiring, and maintaining customers are core aspects of the customer experience cycle. Successful companies pay attention to all these components to effectively build a customer base and experience process (see the infographic for a breakdown) on the major elements.

Transformidy uses a proprietary framework to evaluate how companies are creating and managing their customer experiences. Let’s discuss how your customer needs are communicated, filled, and managed. No rock should be left unturned when it comes to delivering customer needs. 

Hello, We Are Transformidy / Customer Experience Cycle

Who Uses Transformidy?

Transformidy caters to different types of companies looking to build, improve, or transform their customer experience across industries. We are available for consulting engagements, media quotes, training, and speaking engagements on a variety of topics such as trends, strategies, and technologies in customer experience. Let’s set up a meeting to discuss further.

Insights and Showcases

We are creating insights and showcases as a way to educate and build awareness.

In Insights, we will demystify trending topics and highlight strategies for success.

The following are topics we would discuss:  
– How are subscription models useful for my company?
– Who are the new customers?
– How can I use content creators to push my brand?
– What are the new privacy guidelines (for example, GDPR and CCPA), and how would they affect me?
– What data should I collect and use to manage my customer needs? 

We will highlight companies making great strides in the customer experience landscape.

Storytelling builds brand awareness and showcases products and services.Let’s discuss how your company can shine in the Showcases series. 

How Can We Help?

Transformidy is available to assist in different aspects of your company’s customer experience journey from transformation work, training, and partnership.

Contact us at 
[email protected] or call us at 416-727-5820 for more information on our services, insights, or showcases. We look forward to hearing from you.