ThermoWorks Builds Powerful Connections

ThermoWorks is a well-known temperature tool company that features professional-grade products for home and work use with an online storefront. When it comes to customer experience, there is not much that differentiates from other companies offering similar products. DeAnn Campbell explores how ThermoWorks created a powerful new connection with one small gesture.

Introduction – ThermoWorks

ThermoWorks Inc. has taken the cooking world by storm with its highly accurate fast-detection temperate tools. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, the company’s most popular product is the Termapen ONE cooking thermometer which normally prices from US75-99 and can detect temperate in one second or less.

All about the Thermapen ONE Source: ThermoWorks

Shoppers can find the company’s products are used in home and professional kitchens. Food processing plants and farming operations use their line of thermometers to monitor temperate in dairy, meat, product, seafood, and poultry products. Other industry players include pharmaceutical, construction and repair, heavy industry, manufacturing, utilities, heating and air conditioning, plastics and rubber, research, and science.

The company has won numerous awards for high-quality products with attractive price points. With the right promotions, it also often got on the to-buy lists in consumer and commercial product publications (e.g., a popular technology magazine, T3, features the company on many occasions).

Customer Experience Delight

There is a lot of focus on creating “surprise and delight” for the in-store shopping experience, but for online shoppers a good customer experience is merely having your product arrive on time, undamaged, and meeting quality expectations. That should be the baseline, not the exceptional.

But every now and then a company finds a way to create a moment with their online customer. That moment doesn’t have to be big or costly to create surprise and delight, but it does have to be something that immediately resonates when the package is opened.

My new meat thermometer from ThermoWorks, Inc. met all the baseline requirements — plus jelly beans! This unexpected treat ended my purchase experience on a happy note, even though my husband got to them first. Simple. Affordable. Effective!

How did a pack of jelly beans get into a Thermapen ONE order? Small delights can be a big deal to customers. Source: DeAnn Campbell

Building Better Connections

Besides delighting customers with sweet treats, ThermoWorks has also built a YouTube channel to showcase how their thermometers can be used. Grilling meat is definitely a major draw for the Thermapen ONE product. But did you know consumers can also use this product to make candy?

Have you made candy at home? It is now easier with the Thermapen ONE Source: ThermoWorks

For commercial kitchens, there is also the ThermaData WiFi Temperature Logger that provides temperature data for storage rooms to ensure they operate at the optimal best for food storage and management.

ThermaData WiFi Logger Source: ThermoWorks

While home and professional consumers provide great product reviews, they can benefit more if ThermoWorks extends the connection through partnerships. For example, the company can work with meat producers/grocery stores to provide customers with the optimal meat cuts, pots, and pans manufacturers that are known to cook different meats evenly, extend its technology to outdoor grillers, and imbed its technology into ovens.

While ThermoWorks’ temperature tools are great at what they do, recognizing how customers use their products under normal and creative conditions can provide the company with more innovative product ideas. This can be achieved through local workshops, customer surveys, and product demonstrations.

Customers benefit from extended expertise and partnerships ThermoWorks enter into. We will end the article with this handy food safety poster focusing on key food cooking temperatures.

Food Safety Poster Source: ThermoWorks

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