How Arden’s Garden Best Overcomes Competition

Starting my first 2023 post off with a positive. This insight showcases Arden’s Garden‘s expansion journey with a wholesale strategy that includes grocery stores like Kroger, Publix, and Whole Food Stores and an outside-the-box customer experience mindset.

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Introduction – Arden’s Garden

A new year is a perfect occasion to dedicate time to physical well-being. This is the moment when many people join a gym or start a new dietary plan which creates opportunities for health-related brands to engage and acquire new customers. Arden’s Garden factors well into this equation.

It is a cold-pressed juice company created by sisters Arden and Leslie Zinn in 1995. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the company focuses on nutrient-dense high-quality juices that are tasty, cleanse the body, and are easy to transport. They are known in the state for pressing juices without the use of heat, oxygen, or other pasteurization methods. This preserves the integrity of the nutrients as much as possible.

Arden’s Garden’s story

Customers can find their products in sixteen Arden’s Garden retail locations in Atlanta, online through its website that ships to anywhere in the continental United States, and on Uber Eats.

Wholesale Competiton

In addition to its own online and retail presence, the juice brand’s products are now available at supermarket chains like Kroger’s, Whole Foods Stores, and Publix and at health clubs, coffee shops, health food stores, restaurants, and even a car wash! Besides cold press juices, the brand also makes smoothies and plant-based foods.

Arden’s Garden has been extremely mindful of its branding and positioning in the market. To differentiate themselves from a dense field of competitors, including store brands, they are stocking their products well away from the regular grocery juice case. 

Yes, there is a risk of shoppers having trouble finding you if you aren’t sitting with all the other juice brands. But the benefits outweigh the risks. When shoppers do find you on an aisle labeled with other plant-based and healthy foods, suddenly your products look so much more appealing than the rest.

It also removes direct comparison with products that look comparable but are cheaper priced and thus more often chosen. This also aligns with how customers actually think – grouping products together as a meal or event, rather than one category at a time. This is a bold strategy, but it shows they understand their core customer well.

Customer Experience

By working with supermarket chains to place its products in the health foods section, Arden’s Gardens creates a new engagement path for customers searching for a suite of healthy options from ingredients, packaged goods, ready-made foods, and beverages.

It is a win-win for the brand and the supermarket chain as customers are provided with a one-stop shopping experience for healthy foods without having to navigate around the entire store.

Any marketing and promotional signage from Arden’s Garden would be more effective in creating brand recognition and awareness. The brand could further expand activation by offering sample tasting during peaked shopping hours for its targetted demographic.

It was also smart for the brand to include a mapping tool on its website to guide would-be customers to the nearest location selling its products. This reduces barriers to finding various products.

Final Words

Arden’s Garden’s lines of juices, smoothies, and plant-based food are ideal choices for people looking for a lifestyle change during the new year. Their placement in the supermarkets may seem risky but offers the juicery a unique spotlight in front of their targetted audience.

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